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        Contribution waiver Budget Law 2018, as Inps spoke

        We all know: the?Budget Law 2018?(100 and fc) introduced a?contribution exemption?for new hires with?permanent employment contracts?made starting from January 1, 2018. The main rules in this regard have already been?illustrated previously?.?Today we focus on the?operational and accounting instructions?on the measure announced by the?Inps?with?circular on 02.03.2018 n.?40?.

        The Institute incorporates all the relevant legislation, reporting step by step what was introduced by law, the?nature of?the?exemption?, the?beneficiary?employers?, the incentivized employment relationships and the?conditions?for the right to exemption from the same contribution.

        In short, it is recalled that for a?maximum of 36 months?, the?exemption?from the payment of?50% of social security contributions?by the employer is payable, with the exclusion of premiums due to Inail, up to a?maximum of 3 thousand euros per year?. to be repaired on a monthly basis, to companies that from 1 January 2018 employ young people who have not reached?30 years of age?(high limit to 35 years only for 2018) with a?permanent employment contract?.?The young people in question must never have been employed indefinitely, neither with the employer who is hiring them, nor with others.

        There is a?waiver?that entitles the?waiver?in case of?failure to confirm in the service of previous apprenticeships?and the exemption is recognized for one year even in the case of confirmation of apprentices in force in the same company that accesses the exemption.?In the case in which for the worker has been used only?partially?this facilitation from a previous employer, the new subject who hires him indefinitely can access the benefit for the remaining period useful for full use.?Attention is also drawn to the?verification of possible dismissals?for justified objective reasons carried out in the previous six months or to be requested in the months following the recruitment.?The reports ofdomestic work?and with?managers?do not give the right to exemption?.

        The exemption is brought to?100% of the contributions paid by the company?, in the event that the worker has carried out a period of?school-work alternation?or?apprenticeship?of first or third level with the same employer.?The INPS, in addition to reporting the application rules provided for by the law, enter into the merits of some particularities, specifying the applicability in cases such?as employment relationships abroad?,?part-time?, contract assignment, recruitment following inspection access,?administration?and?intermittent use.?Specific instructions are also provided for the calculation of the incentive and for the cumulability with other forms of relief, exemptions and incentives.

        In addition, the Institute announces that it has made available an?application for the verification of the existence of previous permanent contracts?, accessible from its?website?(path ”?All services – service to verify the existence of permanent relationships?“).?Not having a declarative value, however, it is advisable to have a declaration signed by the worker.

        Finally, providing the instructions for the management of the institution under examination in the?UniEmens?declarations?, Inps states that the amount of the?exemption?for the months?of January and February 2018?can be valued exclusively?in the UniEmens flows?in?March?,?April?and?May 2018?.

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